#1 Fastest, Easiest, Most Predictable Way To Grow Your Practice

All-In-One Marketing Software & Ad Agency Gets YOU New Patients On Autopilot From Facebook, Instagram, Chat, Reviews, and More…

At Patient Autopilot, we put your ROI ahead of ours… because we actually care about your success and frankly we just don’t want any bad Karma! 😆 It's why our clients stay with us for years and years...

We’ve managed over $2,000,000+ ad spend on Facebook and have served the biggest names in holistic health. We want to help you have the practice of your dreams by getting you Patients on Autopilot.

Performance Based Marketing For Chiropractors — You Only Pay When New Patients Show Up!

Ditch your monthly marketing retainer and the cat & mouse lead chasing game forever. We get you qualified leads, position you as the expert, and schedule New Patient Sales Appointments directly on your front desk’s schedule so you can save $50k+ a year while getting 15, 25, or even 35+ perfect new patients every month.

How It Works

Schedule a Call To Evaluate Your Marketing Goals & See If Your Practice Is A Fit

We Get You Leads From FB Ads And Help Get Them Scheduled.

As Your Marketing Team, You Get Powerful Reporting & Insight Into Your ROI

Partner with us so you can focus 100% on growing your practice and seeing patients, while we keep your schedules full.

We’ve managed nearly $2,000,000 in ad spend, have generated 10’s of millions of sales, and have worked with top docs and chiropractors like Dr. Axe, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Dan Sullivan, and many others.

We love chiropractic, and we love getting new patients plugged into the best practices, and that’s why we are so flippin’ excited to partner with you as your marketing team.

The only question is… can you handle an extra 20-30 or more new patients each month?

What Docs Are Saying

Dr. Ben Galyardt

Added $3,000,000 in revenue from our ads over the last 4 years working together... and has grown from 1 to 4 offices.

Dr. Tony Ebel

Uses Patient Autopilot for The Pediatric Experience & his Practice.

Dr. David Touhill

Dr. Touhill on working with Caleb and Patient Autopilot over the last 5 years.

Dr. Collin Walding

Dr. Collin on how he doubled his profit in their first month working with Patient Autopilot.

Dr. William Bevis

Exponentially more patients, in the top 5 of 100% Chiropractic offices and spends more time with family.

Dr. Twila Blossom

Doubled her practice during the pandemic and is on her way to hitting 1 million for the year. Been with Patient Autopilot since start of her practice in 2018.

Dr. Dan Bronstein

Dr. Dan on how he 3x'd his leads in his first month while spending less.

About Caleb Hodges

Caleb Hodges is a veteran of digital marketing with millions of sales produced for his clients. With 7 figure launches, winning evergreen campaigns, and over $3,000,000 of Facebook ad spend under his belt - he is now focusing on his passion: Helping people get connected with top quality chiropractors and functional medicine doctors... with the side effect of exploding his client's practices.

He has worked with Dr. Axe, Patrick Gentempo, 10x Doctor, Health Experts Alliance, The Points Guy, The Foundation, Get Altitude, and many others.

Caleb enjoys traveling with his wife, playing with his two corgi dogs, and helping people solve important problems in the world!

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